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Clubs and Activities
Gaither High School offers a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular clubs to its students.
To enter a club, a student must have a Club Awareness Form on file for each club sponsor(s).
1st SEMESTER 2015 Club Dates (Wednesday)
September 16th (first club date)  -- students will have temporary white club cards
October 21st
November 4th
December 2nd

ICC Meeting Dates 2015   (TUESDAYS)
Icc Meeting will be held 2nd period the day PRIOR to the club meeting date  
September 15th  -- First ICC meeting  (HELD IN SOUTH WING OF  AUDITORIUM)  
October 20th  (  Location TBD)
November 3rd
December 1st

Co-Curricular Clubs

Club Name: Skills USA

Sponsor: Mendola
Meets: 304
Period: 7
This club supports the partnership of students, teachers, and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce that excels.

Club Name: AVID

Sponsor: Cabral
Meets: 184
Period: 2
This club promotes a college-ready culture through planning/organizing activities such as: community service, student/family workshops, team building outings, AVID website, college field trips and career exploration.

Club Name: Movie-Makers Club

Sponsor: Goldstein
Meets: 143
Period: 8
Promotes interest in the Film Industry for students in TV production, as well as, any student with similar.pursuits.

Club Name: FFA

Sponsor: K. Martin
Meets: 305
Period: 8
Membership Requirements: Must be in Agriculture class
Future Farmers of America. Students in this club and in agriculture classes participate in agriculture activities and competitions in the community and beyond.

Club Name: FCCLA

Sponsor: Showalter
Meets: 183
Period: 8
Membership Requirements: Family and Consumer Sciences Students.
Club activities: FCCLA district meeting, FCCLA District Proficiency Events Competition, monthly projects, fundraiser's, FCCLA State Leadership Conference, and Homecoming activities.

Club Name: Future Business Leaders of America - FBLA

Meets: 205
Period: 7
Sponsor: S. Fowler, C. Martinez, L. Duarte, J. Klages
Membership Requirements: Must be currently enrolled or have taken a Business Technology class.
Club activities: District & State Competitions, School Service Projects, Angel Tree, District Rally, Banner Meeting
Students in this organization have an interest in pursuing careers in business. They participate in competitions and attend leadership conferences and rallies.

Club Name: TSA

Sponsor: Marlin
Meets: Rm 301
Period: 8
Club Purpose: TSA fosters personal growth, leadership & opportunities in technology, innovation, design and engineering. Members apply & integrate science, technology, engineering & mathematical concepts through co-curricular activities, competitive events & related programs

Interest Clubs

Club Name: American Sign Language

Sponsor: K. Campbell-Feroli
Meets: 404
Period: 2

Club Name: Art Club

Sponsors: McGowan, Longo
Meets: 196
Period: 2
Club Purpose:Students who are interested in art-making and art history will have opportunities to meet local artist, view art displays, and work on community and school art projects.

Club Name: Asian Culture Club

Sponsor: Nissen
Meets: Cafe (Patio Side)
Period: 3
Club Purpose:This club will discuss the past, present, and future of the Asian culture.

Club Name: Barbershop Harmony

Sponsors: Cleveland
Meets: 112
Period: 3
Club Purpose: For male and female singers who enjoy the special "ring" of 4 Capella singing.

Club Name: Best Buddies

Sponsors: Szarowicz, Fishburne
Meets: 303
Period: 8 (Officers Only)
Club Purpose: Provides one-to-one friendships and opportunities to participate in social events at school and in the community. Opportunity to be a friend for no other reason than to have a friend!
Membership Requirements: TBA
Club activities: Students must apply to join. Crafts, photos, dancing, and more activities are available. Encourage lunch and after school time with Buddies.

Club Name: C.A.R.S.

Sponsors: J. Mendola
Meets: 306
Period: 3
Club Purpose: Cops Against Racing in the street is a club for students with a passion for performance automobiles to gather and promote the safe operation of such vehicles.

Club Name: Chess Club

Sponsor: Geanconteri
Meets: 507
Period: 8

Club Name: Computer Animation Club

Sponsor: C. Martinez
Meets: 207
Period: 8
Club Purpose: This interest club is for students who enjoy creating and viewing animated movies used on the Internet. Club members share ideas on the newest innovations in computer animation and share new skills learned with each other using animation software.

Club Name: Culture Club

Sponsor: Fernandez
Meets: 261
Period: 3
Club Purpose: This club works promote diversity and understanding among different cultures and nationalities.

Club Name: Drama Club

Sponsor: Coppage
Meets: 252
Period: 7
Club Purpose: to promote theatre and get people interested in what theatre really is about. Membership requirements are $10 club dues and an interest or love for theatre. Club activities include making posters for upcomming school events, going to movies and plays together, and participating in plays and happenings in our community.

Club Name: Ecology Club

Meets: Media Center
Period: 2
Club Purpose: To clean up the environment and to recycle certain items. May obtain community service hours for the cleanups.

Club Name: FCA

Sponsors: J. Stokes
Meets: 135 (Gym)
Period: 3
Club Purpose: Fellowship of Christian Athletes provides opportunities for Christians to support each other in prayer and in activities that supports good sportsmanship and quality leadership.

Club Name: Fuego Latino

Sponsors: E. Martinez
Meets: Cafe
Period: 7
Club Purpose: This club is the official sponsor of the multi-cultural assembly/fair and the Hispanic dance team.

Club Name: Gaming Club
Meets: 212
Sponsor: Genua
Club Purpose: support student interest in the gaming community and encourage social interaction through video game discussions.

Club Name: GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)

Sponsor: Daubar
Meets: 293
Period: 7

Club Name: Gospel Choir Club

Sponsors: Cleveland
Meets: 112
Period: 2
Club Purpose: This group promotes the incorporation of diverse backgrounds for a hand-clapping, toe-tapping, celebration of the soul through Gospel Choir Singing. All voices welcome!

Club Name: Italian Club

Sponsor: K. Grazier
Meets: 264
Period: 8
Club Purpose: To promote Italian Culture and awareness. To volunteer in community and school projects.
Membership Requirements: A student should have an interest in the Italian language and culture. They must stay active and join in club functions.
Club Activities: Community and school projects, Banners, Culture Day, Donate time and money to other needy benefits, festa Italiana (Ybor City) Club Name:

JAMAA (step team)

Sponsor: Pierce
Meets: 281
Period: 3

Club Name: Legacy

Sponsor: M. Sanborn
Meets: Auditorium
Period: 8
Club Purpose: The Mission of the Legacy Club is to equip the next generation of leaders in the areas of ethics and morality and teaching them lessons in leadership, character, and integrity from a Christian perspective.

Club Name: Men of Vision (MOV)

Sponsor: Beauford
Meets: Principal's Confernce Room
Period: 3

Club Name: Operation Help Our Heros

Sponsor: Geanconteri
Meets: 507
Period: 3

Club Name: Poetry Club

Sponsors: Sinclair
Meets: 259
Period: 3
Club Purpose: This group is for students interested in a writing workshop, where they can experience instruction on writing, reading and performance of poetry.

Club Name: Political Science Club

Sponsors: C. Paunov
Meets: 410
Period: 7
Club Purpose: Students active/interested in either Democratic or Republican politics are invited to become members of the Political Science Club. Students will have an opportunity to discuss and debate current issues and candidates.

Club Name: PTSA Student Ambassadors

Sponsors: Woychowski
Meets: South Wing Auditorium
Period: 2
Club Purpose: The purpose of this club is to promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school community, and place of worship. PTSA works to raise the standards of home life, secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth and bring into closer reason the home and the school that parents, teachers, and students may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth.

Club Name: Robotics Club

Sponsors: Yoder
Meets: 195
Period: 3
Club Purpose: This club is for students who have a genuine interest in learning about various aspects of technology.

Club Name: ROTC

Sponsors: Cason/Donohue
Meets: 147
Basic Drill Period:2
Academics & Orienteering Period: 3
Drill Period 7
Staff Period 8
Club Name: SADD

Sponsors: See Student Affairs
Meets: TBA
Period: 3
Club Purpose: Students Against Destructive Decisions. This group works to provide awareness to students regarding the positive and negative choices that can be made by high school students. These include alcohol/drug awareness and other activities that are not conductive to positive outcomes.

Club Name: Spirit Club

Sponsors: Katz, Avellaneda
Meets: South Wing Auditorium
Period: 7
Club Purpose: Spirit Club's goal is to promote pride and spirit at GHS. Students support all athletic teams, events, and clubs throughout the year. Blue crew is also a part of this club.

Club name: S.W.A.T. Students against tobacco

Sponsor: N. Gomillion
Meets: Cafe Main Office side
Period: 3
Club purpose: To spread the truth about big tobacco, To change attitudes about tobacco among youth and the community, Increase youth empowerment through community involvement, Reduce exposure to 2nd-hand smoke and change attitudes toward tobacco use among youth in non-traditional settings. Our Message is Truth!

All Interest clubs require at least a 2.0 GPA, satisfactory conduct and good attendance. 9-12 grade students may only join 2 Interest clubs.

Club Name: Swim Team Club

Sponsor: Currey
Meets: 508
Period: 7
All Interest clubs require at least a 2.0 GPA, satisfactory conduct and good attendance. 9-12 grade students may only join 2 Interest clubs.

Honors Clubs

Club Name: BETA

Sponsor: See Student Affairs
Meets: Main Auditorium
Period: 2
Membership Requirements: Students must have a 4.0 GPA. Must be a sophomore, Junior, or Senior at Gaither High School. Must have 20 service stamps a year.

Club Name: French National Honor Society

Sponsor: D. Coppage
Meets: 252
Period: 2
Club Info: To encourage excellence in student performance and to foster an appreciation for the French language and culture.
Club Requirements: Students are required to meet the national standards of 3 semesters of French maintaining a 3.5 in French and B average in other classes, excluding French.
Club Activities: FNHS conducts a collaborative induction with SNHS every year. The club also helps promote various school projects and activities throughout the year.

Club Name: Mu Alpha Theta (math)

Sponsor: Dorrell
Meets: 289
Period: 8
Club Info: Mu Alpha Theta (MAO) is a national honor society for mathematics. Its purpose is to honor students who excel in mathematics and to promote interest in the subject. The math teams, comprised of MAO members, compete in various local, state, and sometimes national contests.

Club Name: National English Honor Society

Sponsor: Dyal
Meets: 278
Period: 8
Club Purpose:NEHS' mission is to stimulate interest in the English language and literary related services.
Through tutoring and other community related involvement. Requires 3.5 weighted GPA. Grades 10-12

Club Name: National Honor Society
Sponsor: C. Szelistowski (502) and M. McQuay (Guidance)
Meets: TBD
Period: TBD
Membership requirements:  All members must have a unweighted 3.0 average.  Proof of GPA is necessary---report card is acceptable.  All members must be a sophomore, junior or senior with at least one semester of attendance at Gaither High and earn 15 service hous and 10 service stamps per year.  
Application deadline:  All applications should be submitted to Ms. McQuay in guidance NO LATER THAN 3:15 p.m. on Friday, September 15, 2015.  NO late applications will be accepted.
Club activities include Teddy Bear Drive, Leukemia walk, Spring flings, tutoring and other fun events.

Club Name: Science Honors Club

Sponsors: Mr. Murray
Meets: 161
Period: 2
Sponsors: Mr. Murray
Members of this club enjoy science. Discussions of new advances in science is promoted and encouraged. Members may choose to participate in science competitions throughout this year.

Club Name: Spanish National Honor Society

Sponsor: M. Thomas
Meets: 263
Period: 8
Club Type: Honor Club.
Club Requirements: Students are selected for high GPA overall (Minimum 3.0 unweighted) and 3.5 GPA (overall unweighted) in Spanish classes.
Club Activities: Work on service to the school through tutoring and perform services to the community. Students try to generate and continue cultural understanding of Spanish throughout the school and community.

Club Name: Thespians

Sponsor: Albritton
Meets: 182
Period: 8
Club Purpose: The International Thespian Society is a theatrical honor society. It promotes and develops an appreciation for and excellence in theatre and drama.
Membership Requirements:
1. Participation in at least two school drama productions
2. Accumulation of at least fifteen Thespian points by attending and participating in productions and Thespian - Sponsored activities.
Club Activities:
1. Participation in Thespian Competitions.
2. Participation in Florida State Thespian Festival.
3. Supporting the Gaither season of theatrical productions.
4. On - and off campus service projects.
Additional Information: Membership in International Thespians is for life.

Club Name: Tri-M (Music Honor Society)

Sponsor: Alvarez
Meets: 113
Period: 8
Tri-M is an international music honor society designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership.

Service Clubs

Club Name: Exchange/Exchangettes

Sponsor: R. Murray, Lemmons:
Meets: Girls in Auditorium & Boys in 161
Period: 7
Club Purpose: This club works to serve the community while building friendships.

Club Name: Key/Kiwanette

Sponsor: TBA Meets: 512
Period: 3
Club Purpose: The purpose of this club is provide service wherever it may be needed.

All Service Clubs require an application to be submitted and approved by the club. Students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher, satisfactory conduct & good attendance. Applications are only accepted in September and January. Incoming 9th graders must wait until January to submit an application.
All Service Clubs require an application to be submitted and approved by the club. Students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher, satisfactory conduct & good attendance. Applications are only accepted in September and January. Incoming 9th graders must wait until January to submit an application.

Student Government Clubs

Club Name: Athletic Council

Sponsor: Perez
Meets: 512
Period: 2
Club Purpose: The council is a representation of all Gaither Athletic Teams. The purpose is to bring athletic concerns to the administration and to develop a close, supportive bond of these teams within our athletic program.
Membership Requirements: Two team members (one senior, one junior) from each team will be selected by each coach to attend council meetings once a month.
Club Activities: The monthly meeting will consist of roundtable discussions that will bring concerns, highlights and information to all council members to carry back to their respective teams.
Additional Information: School spirit and attendance at all contests are two main concerns that the council would like to improve.

Club Name: Freshman Class Club

Sponsor: TBA
Meets: 187
Period: 7

Club Name: Junior Class Club

Sponsor: Schaedler
Meets: 409
Period: 7

Club Name: Senate

Sponsor: Trumbach
Meets: 213
Period: 7

Club Name: Senior Class Club

Sponsor: E. Murray
Meets: 211
Period: 7

Club Name: Sophomore Class Club

Sponsor: Hough
Meets: 274
Period: 7

Each homeroom class at every grade level has a representative that gathers information to share with their homeroom regarding school activities and upcoming events. Officers of each "class" are elected by their respective class and part of Student Senate.

Other Organizations

Organization Name: Gaither High School Band
Band Director: Luis Alvarez
Purpose: To provide students with instruction in the application of musicianship and technical skills.
Membership Requirements: Enrollment in a Band class.
Want more information? Visit the Gaither High School Band Boosters web site at (This link resides on servers outside the control of Hillsborough County Public Schools. External links are provided as a service and the web site to which they go are not necessarily endorsed by the school district. The district is not responsible for content located on these sites nor on any sites that may be reached from these links. )

Organization Name: Gaither High School Orchestra
Purpose: To promote musical enthusiasm, abilities, and knowledge.
Membership Requirements: Enrollment in Orchestra class.

To enter a club, a student must have a Club Awareness Form on file for each club sponsor(s).